A G M School

Shri A Ganesan Mat. Hr. Sec. School is the new landmark in the heart of velachery known for its pursuit of “excellence in education”

AGM Hr. Sec. School has been set up by the Ganesan Charitable Trust comprising of a group of entrepreneurs. The school has been set up in a vast area of 1.3 acres with a purpose of providing students an opportunity to recognize their future potential.

With its excellent infrastructure, experienced teachers and their passion for teaching and interacting with the children, this is the perfect place for the nurturing of young minds.

A G M School is set up with the state of art facilities. It has been serving the community for a decade. We have now added the Smart Class program to further enrich the world of our students.


Our Philosophy and Our Belief

We believe education to be an awakening rather than transference of knowledge. Our motto “In Pursuit of Excellence” does not just refer to academic excellence but also to human excellence where in, every child will excel himself / herself in whatever activity he / she is engaged in. we believe that education should bring out the best in every child and hence we believe in providing an environment full of challenges and opportunities that will match his / her potentialities.

We aim to develop our students into an independent thinker, a well – adjusted social being and a responsible citizen with a well balanced personality.

We believe that education has to respond to global needs and global expectations, keeping in view the new frontiers of knowledge that have been opened up due to the impact of information technology, we aim to equip our children with the knowledge and skill to use this flood of information intelligently.

We believe that child’s attitude and approach to life must be rooted in Indian culture and Indian values of which we are very proud.



The aim of the school is to prepare the children academically, physically and mentally fit to enter into any walks of life and to make them realize and preserve the invaluable traditions and culture of our country.

Character, team spirit, dedication to purpose, discipline, self reliance, dignity of labour, patriotic outlook and spirit to serve the country with zeal and efficiency are the quality sought to be promoted through a programme of activities and instructions.